Color Field Painting is a tendency within the works of  Johnson Wildman's Abstract Expressionist paintings that are  distinct from gestural abstraction, or Action Painting these collaborative artists create using large areas of poured, brushed, spray, dripped paint.



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Color field painting is a style of abstract art that emerged in the late 1950s and early 1960s as a part of the broader movement of abstract expressionism. It was primarily championed by artists like Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, and Clyfford Still.

In color field painting, the emphasis is on the use of large areas of solid color that cover most or all of the canvas, creating a sense of expansiveness and immersing the viewer in color. These fields of color are typically devoid of any recognizable imagery or figurative representation, which allows the viewer to focus solely on the color itself and its interaction with the surrounding space.

The artists sought to evoke emotional responses and contemplation through their use of color and composition. The large, flat fields of color can create a sense of serenity, contemplation, or even emotional intensity, depending on the artist's intent and the viewer's perception.

As you mentioned, strong formal elements such as color, shape, balance, depth, composition, and scale are crucial aspects of color field painting. The artists pay close attention to the relationships between colors, the arrangement of shapes, the distribution of hues across the canvas, and the overall visual harmony.

Color field painting is considered a significant development in the history of abstract art, and it has influenced subsequent generations of artists. Its focus on the purity and emotive power of color continues to resonate with artists and art enthusiasts today.

Color Field Series

Imagine beautiful art on your walls

Born from a beautiful 'oops!' Pouring colors happens serendipitously and anything can happen. This line features our most dramatic, high contrast Color Field Paintings. The kaleidoscope of colors and details range from gold to light, yellow kissing turquoise and green hugging teal. Study the atmosphere barely there, oil spot, colors colliding creating accents.


The Color Field Series evokes the painting language of abstract expressionists.

Thoughtfully Curated Paintings for Your Home

"The best works are often those with the fewest and simplest elements... until you look at them a little more, and things start to happen."
Clyfford Still

Color field artist want to evoke emotion and ideas purely through color itself rather than paint recognizable, illustrative scenes and forms.

Excitement comes from the tension set up between the colors blending and colliding to form  amorphous or clearly geometric.

ShaImagine beautiful art on your wall!


The background and foreground of the painting are one, and the space of the picture—painted as a “field of color.

A Using a “soak-stain” process, characterized by pouring, staining, spraying or painting thinned oil paint onto the canvas. This technique produces vibrant, misty compositions that resulted in an entirely new look and feel to the texture of the canvas.

Color Field Paintings are bold, daring and filled with colors you love. They do not just make a statement in your home. They actually create an ambiance and function like any other piece of decor. Simply put, the painting you choose can make or break your space.

Perfect for your living room.

This painting is titled "Do You See Me Now, the newest addition to the COLOR FIELD family, now with exciting colors of green and gold touched with a hint of teal and blended with black swirls. Buy Original or Prints in many sizes framed with the colors you like.

Create the perfect ambiance and make a statement with your art.

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