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Committed to supporting the arts both locally and beyond. Education is a top priority for us, as we believe that understanding an artist's work and creative process is key to building a successful collection. 

Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman are pleased to represent additonal painters and sculptors whose works we enjoy. We are happy to offer all types of art to our trade interior design partners and clients to add to their collections.  

We invite you to browse the website to become familiar with Cheryl Johnson and
Jim Wildman and our invited artists partners.  

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showcased by professional artists.

We offer a wide variety of artworks, from paintings,

drawings, and sculptures, to unique digital works.

We have a passion for showcasing an eclectic collection of art that is both professional and inspired. Our aim is to offer a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, and photography, all created by artists who craft authentic and captivating pieces. As a boutique gallery, we take pride in our uniquely high-level curation and provide a warm and inviting atmosphere that surprises our guests. You can find us at 7730 Beatties Ford Road, near Northlake Mall. Our guests have noted that Johnson Wildman is truly a hidden gem of a gallery, akin to a New York gallery experience.

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Johnson Wildman Gallery is thrilled to showcase the best contemporary art from local, national, and international artists. Our boutique gallery, is just a quick 15-minute drive North of Downtown Charlotte near North Lake Mall.

JW  is dedicated to providing unparalleled service to collectors and art lovers alike. We aim to attract local and nationally recognized top talent artists and outstanding artists from our region. 

We offer unique art, large-format mural paintings, and authentic pieces that will inspire and captivate our visitors. Come and experience the joy of art at Johnson Wildman Gallery. We offer specialized services to collectors and art lovers visiting the Charlotte area. A Contemporary art gallery by appointment.

Johnson Wildman Gallery features the artworks of our two owners, Cheryl  Johnson, and Jim Wildman. Curated exhibitions featuring exceptional paintings, original prints, and innovative sculptures are regularly refreshed in the primary spaces and smaller supporting galleries. Our mission is to provide compelling, museum-quality art to our clients.  

Johnson Wildman Gallery specializes in the work of well-established and solidly-emerging artists working in a contemporary narrative and figurative vein.  The gallery rotates solo and group exhibitions every six to eight weeks.

Our mission is to create paintings

and works of art

that are moving, beautiful

and touch your emotions and heart.

We are committed to evolving; our vision is to continue as a fluid, ever-growing contemporary gallery and combination working studio space for guest artists. It is an atelier in which artists are supported in a creative environment where original work is produced and promoted.


Johnson Wildman collaborative art venture founded by painters Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman enabling collectors to Buy Art Directly from the Artists.

Established in 2020 in Charlotte North Carolina.
Johnson Wildman Gallery of Contemporary Art offers the artwork of the two local artists; Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman, reaching throughout the Southeast and nationally to present an exciting variety of art works in a broad range of styles and mediums: realistism, impressionism, abstract. JW Gallery features fine quality artwork by both established and emerging artists.

JW (Johnson Wildman Gallery of Contemporary Art) provides our clients with a relaxed and comfortable exhibition space in which to select art which becomes treasured additions to their collections, large or small. Our hours are by appointment only, however we do create Pop-Art Shows. We have on-line monthly exhibitions featuring a specific style or theme.

We also provide corporate and private consulting and placement as well as purchase on approval and payment options.


At JohnsonWildman Discover and buy sought-after contemporary artwork. Buy Art Online Original Paintings. Canvas Wall Art, Home Decor. Abstract Artists. Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman. Landscapes. Modern, Oil, Acrylic, Mixed Media Paintings. Figurative, Expressionism, Impressionism, Portraits, Sculptures. LASERArt™ JohnsonWildman  shares a monthly curation of new artworks for you to buy art now. Shop the art that moves entices or thrills you on JohnsonWildman.com. Every month, discover a new selection of artworks from two leading contemporary artists; Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman. Contemporary online art gallery.The gallery presents an innovative physical and online exhibition program with a mission to showcase the most exciting contemporary work.

Cheryl Johnson

Get to know Cheryl Johnson a skilled artist creating for over 40 years sharing multiple styles and emotions. Co-owner of Johnson Wildman Gallery. North Carolina- based studio painter Cheryl Johnson works with many media including oil, acrylic, latex, silicone encaustic, using silicone to build texture and beeswax and resin to convey elaborate depictions. Utilizing tools designed for ceramists, Johnson carves, fills, layers, and fuses the wax, creating areas to be filled with pigment. Her paintings and landscape abstracts evoke a sense of wonder, guiding the eye through geometrically complex landscapes teeming with rich detail.

“I feel a personal connection to the work in front of me and I can look back at what I’ve accomplished while planning my next step for tomorrow.  It’s a clear path that is soothing and I hope my paintings project my celebration of life as I pursue my passion and have more joy every day.” – Cheryl Johnson

Jim Wildman

Jim Wildman, is a mixed media contemporary realist painter, sculptor, and master woodworker who lives and works in Charlotte, NC. For more than a decade Jim served as a member of the United States Marine Corp. He is a distinguished combat veteran. A graduate of Oklahoma State University School of Architecture. In addition, to painting Jim has a custom woodworking business, JWDesigns. His Works are both realistic portraits and abstracts. Signature series consists of unique Laser Engraved images, strong faces created with both palette knife and brush work. Sculptures are wood combines, 3D panels, and carvings. His works are sought after by architects, interior designers, and collectors worldwide.

"Make it Beautiful and Build it to LastI"

I am a mixed media artist with my home and studio in Charlotte, NC. My studio is filled with wood, wonder, and the constant presence of my service dogs and interesting natural objects. I have always felt that the most amazing artworks, furniture, forms, structure, color, and textures are found within nature and that exposure to these elements has been my inspiration. My work expresses the evolution of my life experiences. In practicing architecture for 30 years, I have explored the rather complex processes of manipulating space, form, texture, material, and color to create an emotional response from the viewers interacting with a space. My artwork is a continuation of that process, at a more expressive and intimate scale. Connecting with you, the viewer, at both intellectual and emotional levels, remains the ultimate goal.The abstract paintings of Jim Wildman are steeped in contemplation. The North Carolina artist creates works as part of a series, often inspired by the environment and architecture. Wildman uses Conté crayons, charcoal, and washes of oil and acrylic paint to create his canvases which are layered with complexity.

"Artists like myself, use texture to add depth, interest, or balance to different areas of our paintings or artwork. Often texture is used to give the illusion of depth. I find to make a piece seem more realistic — the more detail I put into the work with the use of glazes or texture (such as the texture of trees, skin, etc.), I find the more realistic a work of art can look." Jim Wildman