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No matter how great your photography, if you don’t have emotion you missed it.


SUMMARY:“Gestalt psychology is an attempt to find laws and principles of how our mind organizes the seemingly chaotic world and describes how we get and perceive meaningful information.”This premise ties in nicely with the art of photography in order to improve the overall perception of your work. Learn more about how the gestalt laws can be applied in your work.



The people who make up today’s thriving photographic community are our eyes to the world. Whether established artists and journalists or passionate emerging voices, they inform us, they inspire us, they amaze us, they put our world in the broader context of history.Read More.

Sites to Find Free Images

Where can you find free images that are high quality and cleared to use for your blog posts or social media content?Buffer Read More

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools. There are various types ofCreative Commons licensesthat range from allowing any type of use with no attribution to allowing only certain uses and no changes.

What is public domain?

Works in the public domain are those whose copyrights have expired, have been forfeited, or are inapplicable. Finding something on the internet does not mean it is in the public domain.

What is royalty free?

Royalty-free images aren’t necessarily free. In most cases, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee to obtain the rights to use the image. Then you can use it as many times as you like. The “free” in “royalty-free” only means that you do not have to pay royalties to the owner of the image every time you use it. For a comprehensive read on royalty-free images, check outthis guide by Amos Struck.


I take pictures all the time. But my sister, Bonnie Lupton shines when she picks up a camera.


Pictures provide a platform for our emotions and our  individual and unique perceptions of an experience. There is no single story in an image, all of us project our own perceptions fueled by the memories of a particular feeling at the time the picture was taken.

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1. Because it makes me feel something

“Moments are fleeting, time passes quickly before your eyes and landscapes are constantly changing. I think that what makes a photograph successful is subjective, but for me, the most important element is that it makes you feel something. What is it about a moment that moves you enough to capture it? A wave will never crash against the shore in the same way, my kids will only have one birthday celebration a year, and the light might never touch a person's face like that again, and the camera is there to document and preserve that moment so that it can live and move you forever. Beauty and art are everywhere.”