Please contact The Johnson Wildman Gallery to inquire about commissions. Cheryl Johnson and Jim Wildman acceptscommissions on projects individually or in collaboration.


Johnson Wildman's nique style has come to be known as  Color Field Abstractions.  Their paintings appear in art school curriculums around the world, and with millions of followers online, Johnson and Wildman are inspiring a new love for ifor art in the contemporary art world.

Absolutely! Commissioning a work of art can be a rewarding and enriching experience for both collectors and artists when approached thoughtfully. Here are some key benefits and tips to ensure a successful commission:

Benefits for Collectors:

Tips for Successful Commissions:

Overall, commissioning a work of art can be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for collectors and artists alike, fostering creativity, connection, and appreciation for the world of art.


Do you have a special painting in mind you want for your home or office?  Johnson Wildman Artists, Cheryl Johnson, and Jim Wildman can create in many styles and colors. Buy Art Online. Commission a Custom Painting. Cheryl Johnson & Jim Wildman. Abstract. Landscapes. Modern Portraits. Choose your favorite style or medium: Oil. Acrylic. Mixed Media. Paintings. Figurative. Expressionism. Impressionism. Animals, Portraits, Native Art, Collage. Sculptures.  Come to our studio in Charlotte, North Carolina USA. 

Consider a commission painting selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our studio directly to you. Commissioned Work Just For You. Please help us to create a personalized piece for your space that reflects your taste and personality by sending us a response to a few of the following requests. Your desired size and image (to base your custom art upon)diptychs or triptychs welcome (series of two, three or more)preferred color palette/paint or fabric samples photo of the room where the paintings will be placed telephone conversation to get to know each other residential or commercial send to my email any reference paintings of mine you are drawn to Commissioning a painting is an exciting step to owning a bespoke artwork made especially for you and your interior.

Made to your size and color choices. The right art will not only add interest to a room or decoration to a wall, but it will bring a space truly to life. Our job is to interpret your ideas and create something original and new. We do not re-create our previous paintings - We couldn’t even if we tried because they all come into being as a result of an intuitive process of layering and exploration. This way, each work is unique with only you in mind.

The commissioning process: You contact us:  or call +1-704-516-6277. We can work with you either on the phone, zoom, or in person, we have an initial meeting to discuss ideas and preferences, size, color palette, and personal elements (if any) that you’d like us to interpret. Ideally, this will take place in your home (or the ultimate location of the painting) but if you’re not local to us, we can do this on a video call. We will send you a quote and, once agreed, a 50% deposit secures the commission.

The time scale varies on size and substrate. Time can be from 3 weeks to 3 months at a minimum but depends on the commission requirements. Due to the way we work (paintings undergo many changes and are composed of a multitude of layers), we will not be showing you the painting until we feel it has sufficiently ‘come together to make visual sense. We send you photos of the work. You love it and we finish it up,frame it upon request, and ship it to you. At this stage, we can either decide it is finished or we can make changes as required.