Tips for Artists

Tell Your Brand Story


“Over 2.4 million people from more than 190 countries have become Artsy users to discover art and build their art collections. This inaugural edition of The Artsy Collectors feature is focused on 17 of those collectors, who represent the broad spectrum of influential and inspiring art lovers and patrons who useArtsy.”

‍Unlocking the opportunities that channels like Youtube and Vimeo requires a combination of data and creativity. First: craft a compelling brand story and cultivate an engaged community, 

Research and understand YOUR  audience’s visual preferences to develop a social strategy that bolsters sales.  

Show off your brand logos or images



Trust us, Social media is an incredible and amazing platform for creating and sharing an impactful brand story. Tell your story it is an instrumental part of enabling your customers to connect with your brand and touch them on an emotional level. 

Each of your brands provides a subliminal memory.

Think of the Coca-cola Logo 

You remember it don’t you? So get people to remember your logo as well.

Take your audience on a journey with you. When done right, social channels allow you to repeatedly build on that story by virtue of steady exposure while growing an engaged community of brand advocates.  

I love Patagonia andRestoration Hardware. 

Patagoniais a prime example—a big brand with a straightforward and simple message: 

Their tagline is something we relate to as we want to remind you to save our planet with our art and be mindful that Climate Change is Real. 

“We’re in business to save our home planet. “

Take a STAND and share what your brand cares about. 

Patagonia has successfully built a global community around this idea.

Build an Engaged Community 

The purpose of social media is for you and me and all individuals to connect with other users who have similar points of interest and form groups or communities. 

Creating a community around your brand and showing people about engaging with it can amplify your visibility and give your business a real boost. In short, social media will help you:

• Gain followers 

• Retain followers 

• Build brand loyalty 

• Convert followers to ART BUYERS




A strong presence across social platforms is key to building awareness and engagement with your art buyers.

Research and understand the mindset and demographics of your target audience.

83% of users said they take the time to sort what they like.

Understanding what types of art or styles of visuals your followers care about in real-time is so very important and is in fact critical to improving ART BUYER engagement over time.




Pins that showed  someone using a product or service are 67% more likely to drive  offline sales. 

Consumers and ART BUYERS love to imagine how products will look  in their homes.

Repurpose your fan content on your own social channels. Put your best photos where they can drive real FOLLOWERS


Prioritize Instagram Stories  


1.440 billion users

Based on its global advertising audience reach numbers, Instagram has at least1.440 billionusers around the world in July 2022.

Statista: Share of art buyers who use Instagram and Youtube to discover new artists worldwide

There Are 2.1 Billion Monthly Active YouTube Users Worldwide

In terms of daily active users, YouTube sees approximately 122 million users per day.

With over 500 million users watching stories on Instagram daily, the  opportunities for brands to convert followers into customers are endless. 

USE the swipeable format to get ART BUYERS TO CLICK AND FAVORITE and inspire action from users through the swipe-up functionality that can take your audience directly to your website. YOUTUBE IS GREAT….TRUST ME I have 2.9K Subscribers

Cheryl Johnson Artist Youtube

Johnson\Wildman Youtube

Tactics to incorporate into your stories strategy

Maximize ROI:  


Consumers want to see how your products work or how you paint or what you sell. Show users how different paintings or pieces can fit into different their different spaces; living room, office, and even kitchen.


Q&A sessions and series. Give your community access to your thoughts and ideas and go live on Instagram or Youtube.

Provide a sneak peek into your studio. 

New art launches keep your audience engaged.  

ART LOVERS can view your stories through individual posts or reels. 

Think about when to post and fine-tune time periods to reflect when your buyers are online.

Convert Your Followers Into  BUYERS AND Long-Term Customers, Faster 

81% of users discover new products on Instagram, and 80% of art buyers said the channel helped them decide whether to buy a  product. 

Never leave your audience wondering where to purchase your paintings.

ADD your latest piece, and take them there in one easy click. 

With Instagram, Shopping tools and link-in-your-bio will take users from discovery to

purchase in seconds.  

LINK YOUR BIO to your website.

The Instagram link-in-bio solution is one that has proven it's worth time and time again. 

Rather than making your audience look all through your website for that special painting or that  a certain product they’ve seen in a post, using the hyperlink in your profile as a direct shopping conduit helps ART BUYERS purchase easily and faster.

 Attaching painting or product links to posts and pairing them with a strongcall to actionmakes the transition to sales seamless.  

Instagram Powers Purchase Decisions 

81% 80% 



People love watching you paint in action. Video is on the rise—and seriously that is for good reason. 

Marketing mediums like Instagram evolve and the many many new channels like TikTok go live and emerge, video content has quickly become an essential content  plan for brands across industries. 

Motion makes it easy for ART BUYERS and consumers to imagine where they can hang your painting in real life— and the more they can picture it, the more inclined users are to make a purchase. 

The effectiveness of video is even higher on channels like Instagram and Pinterest. 

92% of art marketers believe that video is becoming increasingly more important to capture attention across the internet.

Video generates greater ROI on social media, and ART BUYER sentiments are stronger inclined toward video.

 Build real relationships with your ART BUYERs. Video offers the opportunity for to differentiate your art from competitors and deliver meaningful ideas and messaging to YOUR ART BUYER.

I could not believe it that people would watch a video that is over an hour long and that I would get so many subscribers and viewers.Go Watch it yourself.


95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram per day.

There are more than 95 million posts shared on Instagram every single day in just the feed alone. The influence your painting visuals have on consumers’ purchase decisions is undeniable. 

As more people shop online than ever before, you need to ensure that every visual you put in front of your audience propels action. 

Turn Your Social Success Into  Ecommerce Growth 

Trust me it takes time and work, but it is worth it.